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This group is for people who enjoy studying history and or soft science. No politics or religion allowed.

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There are times when history and science go hand in hand. Then there are debates about the two. Is history a science or an art? Who cares? At least in this group, it doesn't matter. We don't need to look at history and science in an extremely technical way. You don't have to like both science and history in order to seed or write you articles. BUT:

You CAN'T seed or write about RELIGION such as, Is it creation or evolution? Let's assume that for members of this group, it's evolution (science) so articles like that would definitely be acceptable,

You can't seed or write about POLITICS even if it involves American history. It's kind of hard to seperate the two but we need to in this group.

What does that leave?

History from as early as the 60s such as American cilvil rights, slavery and Native Americans to prehistoric times. (Those are examples) The history doesn't have to involve sociology though. It can be the history of everything from possible prehistoric hunks to hummingbirds. (Yes, I seeded an article about that.) If you're not sure, just ask in the group talk box and we'll discuss it or you can always e-mail me. I don't think we're going to be that strict though.

Here are more subjects whether or not you see them as history or science:

History, science, archaeology, anthroplogy, sociology ( civilizations and culture), linguistics, astronomy (not astrology), paleontology, biology ( human or animal, although humans are animals), zoology, meterology, geology, etc. The science doesn't have to be historical though. It can be modern science. In fact...

Let's lighten it up by addiing some science fiction and fantasy. Are you are an avid reader of books that fall into these categories? Movies? TV shows like Dr. Who, Fringe, Warehouse Thirteen? Do you like Steampunk ? ( I didn't know about steampunk until a couple of yrs. ago so ask away.)

Feel free to add any ideas. This is a new group as you can see. Also feel free to add images, photos, lists, videos, etc. ONE more important thing, let's go slow by not posting over fifteen articles each a day. Let's give other members a chance to see articles from other members. If we get a lot of memebers, we'll have to cut back on that amount. Some large groups see so much actvity that you might have fifty articles in 24 hrs. But that's mostly in the political groups.

Always remember the Code of Honor. Of course we're going to be posting our articles to other groups. But if it's an extremely controversial article about history or science, please don't post it to this group. So look over the articles already posted and see if it's right for you. Also, even though Newsvine doesn't require viners to ask before clipping others articles, think about it before you clip anything to this group. Any inappropriate articles will be removed.

I forgot to add that this is a public group. If you have friends that might like it, tell them to stop by and check it out. I'll be sending more invitations too.

With that, thanks for reading. If you don't want to join or put us on your watclist, just stop by from time to time.

Darrah ( group created on 8 / 29 / 11)

NO politcs or religion.